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Want to learn more about swing dancing? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here you find information on the history of swing dancing, the individual dances, the dancers, the music and musicians, and the roots of jazz. Swing is America’s folk music, and America’s folk dance and Swing Des Moines is proud to have brought Central Iowans information about swing for over a decade.


Vital Information!
These topics are important for swing dancers or those interested in the swing dance culture, but have been covered so extensively and expertly elsewhere that we will not attempt to duplicate the information here, but instead provide you with these links.

The Savoy Ballroom

The Story of the first Aerial (also see The Swing Dances on our site for more information)

The Original Dancers

Movies that feature Lindy



Here are some links to other places on the internet with information you may find useful!

Natch.net – movie clips

JitterBuzz – dancer’s travel guide

Oxford Dictionary of Dance – an interesting read

Hellzahoppin – lots of information

Total Swing – worldwide jazz calendar

Atomic Magazine – a great retro ‘zine

Archives of Early Lindy Hop – lots of great historical info

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