Schools or Corporate Events

Valley Band Boosters Dancing with the Valley StarsA Valley High School event

Swing Des Moines has worked with many metro area schools and businesses. Here are a few things we’ve done in the past.

– Dance Demonstrations. We can provide dancers to demonstrate the various dances of the swing era for your group. These demonstrations can be formal, with a short introduction detailing each dance that will be performed, or they can be more casual, with just dancing.

– Brief Lecture on History of Swing. We are Des Moines’ Swing Era experts! We can tailor our lectures (which are much more fun and entertaining than the word “lecture” implies!) to fit your needs. Black History, Jazz influence, Popular culture of the era, How the war affected the music, swing dancing in film, or pretty much anything else relating to swing dancing, swing music, or the swing era.

– Comprehensive History of Swing Dancing in the Swing Era. We have developed a comprehensive program of the History of Swing Dance in the Swing Era, which is an educational and entertaining combination of history and performance spanning the 1920s through the 1950s. The entire program lasts approximately 40 minutes, but can be shortened to suit your needs.

– “Floor Warming.” Want someone to get the party started? Planning to play music for dancing, but afraid your attendees will be too shy to take the floor? We can come and “warm up” the floor by engaging your guests.

AIA members dancing at the Val Air
A local corporate event

– Dance lessons. Our instructors can teach large or small groups the basics of swing dancing.

We are experienced in helping events run smoothly, and love to work with event planners to ensure a successful event.

I think our favorite activity, however, is working with schools. We have spoken at school assemblies, participated in arts festivals, taught small groups of students how to dance, worked with PE teachers, and even worked with faculty groups! We can teach your students during Phys Ed, or we can teach your Phys Ed teacher how to teach his or her students!

Interested? Contact us.

Appreciative Audience
A local retirement home

Western Hills Elementary School Event
A local elementary school

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