A lively, fun first dance…the dance you’ve been dreaming of.

Swing dance lessons for your wedding are a fun gift you give yourselves as you’re preparing for a wedding. Not only can dance lessons help prepare you for your wedding reception and first dance, but they will also provide you with a relaxing break from the stress of getting ready for the Big Day.

One of the most intimidating moments of your wedding reception can be your first dance. All eyes are on you. Even just one dance lesson can greatly increase your ease and comfort in dancing with each other. Using the easy techniques and fun styling that we’ll teach you, you can really wow your guests and add some pizzazz to your wedding video!

Pre-Wedding Dance Lessons

Swing Des Moines works with wedding couples all the time! If you’re preparing for a wedding, you might consider registering for our group lessons, or inquiring about the possibility of scheduling private lessons.

We help couples to feel comfortable dancing with each other, performing basic leading and following and also recovering from mistakes. We do not teach wedding couples a choreographed dance, which you’re all but guaranteed to forget by the time you reach your wedding reception. Instead, we focus on teaching you basic, simple moves that look great and can be easily led and followed. We can also help more adventurous couples with big, fancy moves and simple dips and tricks.

Private Group Lessons for Weddings

One popular option is to have our instructors come to your rehearsal dinner or even to your wedding reception to give your wedding party and other guests a crash course in swing dancing. We keep the lesson brief and fun, encouraging guests to get up and dance. These crash courses have a long record of very positive feedback, and we have even heard from guests after the wedding letting us know how much fun they had learning to dance at the wedding!

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